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February 17, 2012

Okay so now that I posted some motivational videos to get you pumped up, you must be thinking what the hell is The jump manual. Before I get into that I first recommend that you sign up to get a free copy of How to Jump higher in 45 min. This Workbook will give you basic tips on how to improve the vertical jump. Once your done reading How to jump higher in 45 min you should then proceed to The jump manual which will give you a more in depth analysis of explosive training.


When Should I take Protein Shakes ?

February 16, 2012

A lot of people frown upon protein shakes but that’s because they are uneducated or just stick with what they think and not whats been proven or tested. If you don’t know, protein is needed because that’s what our body uses to recover. However,  protein is also easier to burn and thus our body burns it faster than fat. This can cause you to be protein deficient especially when you work out daily. A common way to prevent this is to use protein shakes. The reason we need protein shakes is because we don’t consume enough protein through out the day eating regular food. This applies greatly to athletes and people who exercise regularly.

Whens the proper time to take a protein shake or bar ?

My personal opinion is either in the morning , before a workout, or after a work out. In the morning most people don’t eat a good breakfast and lack in nutrient and proteins, hence why its a perfect time to take a shake. Now whether you want to take a protein shake before, after or before and after that’s your choice. I highly recommend either taking it before or after not both. The proper time to take it is either 30 min to an hour before a work out or 30 min after the workout. The way I like it is 30 min after my work out. Its important to take it within an hour because that’s when your body needs it the most.

In the next post we’ll talk about how to choose a protein shake ? Stay tuned !

Stretching Leg Muscles In 5 Easy Steps

February 16, 2012

The most important part of the work out is stretching. In order to get bigger muscles you need to lengthen them and the way to do that is to stretch. I’l be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of stretching but you gotta do it and I try to stretch at least twice a week. If your just starting out try to stretch at least once a week as its better then not stretching at all. Stretching will not only lengthen your muscles but will help prevent injuries as well.

1. When to stretch ?

The best time to stretch is before a work out and after the work out. You want to stretch a little before so that your muscles don’t cramp up during an exercise but most importantly it helps prevent injuries. The next phase is to stretch after the workout and this is part of the cool down cycle. When your done working out you do not just stop and walk away you have to cool down. The best way to do that is to stretch and during this time you’r focusing on a nice long stretch.

2. How long should I stretch for ?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. I prefer to stretch for at least 5 min before the work out and about 10-20 min after the work out. Since your muscles are cold in the beginning you don’t want to do any intense stretching, just the basics to warm your joints up. However, after the work out your all warmed up and its the perfect time to take 20 min to stretch all the muscles or at least the muscle group you targeted that day. Now the questions comes up how long do I hold each stretch ? This is another question thats debatable, In my opinion its good to hold it for 30 sec to a min or longer depending on how you feel the stretch. Basically you should be relaxed and comfy while performing the movement. If for some reason it hurts you should only hold it for a short amount of time.

3. Two types of stretching

Static stretching – Is the most common type of stretching where you go to a certain point and hold it for a certain amount of time.

Dynamic stretching – Unlike static stretching you bounce and increase the movement speed and reach as your stretching.

I have figured out that dynamic stretching is use full before a workout and static is good to use after the workout. The reason dynamic is good before a workout is because your muscles are cold and if you decide to hold a position you might feel pain. Hence, with dynamic stretching you go to a certain point then come back up and try to go further and you do that using a bouncing motion. This not only stretches your muscles but warms you up.

On the other hand static stretching is good to use after the workout to cool down. During this time you try to go to a good point where you start to feel some pain and then hold it for a few sec or a min. Its good to do this while the body is warm as so are your muscles thus resulting in improved range of motion.

4. What happens when I don’t stretch?

When no stretching is incorporated into the training your muscles become shorter and tighter resulting in a small range of motion. This is bad as you wont be able to move very efficiently and the tighter muscles will hinder your ability in working out and performing different movements. Depending on which muscles you work out the most they will pull in different directions. For example if all you do is chest then your chest will cave in and you’l have a rounded back. In order to prevent this you either have to stretch or workout the back muscles so they pull in opposite direction.

5. Best leg stretches of all time

This include the quads, hamstrings, gluts and calfs. Because it is hard to explain each stretch I recommend you go on youtube and look some up. This way you will have a good idea of what it suppose to look like. Plus a video will do a better job in explaining than words.

Good luck and Stay motivated !!

Increase Jumping Ability Fast

February 15, 2012

If you ever wondered why you cant dunk or jump high its because of improper training or lack of training. Lack of training is obviously not exercising enough or are not putting 100% effort into the workout. Improper training is training hard but not training for what your goal is. For instance our goal is to improve our jumping ability. In order to do that you don’t want to train on static machines in the gym, instead you want to use free weights or just your body weight. This causes your whole body to work together such as the core, legs, and arms to keep you stabilized while doing the movement. In other words this is much better than isolating your muscles on the static machines. Now to actually achieve more height in our jump we want to train explosiveness. That means that every exercise you do is done fast in order to train our fast twitch muscles. Fast twitch muscles are responsible for explosive movements such as jumping. The more you explode the higher you’ll go.

Here is a pretty good routine that I put together for you guys.


– Jumping squats with or with out weights
– Jump Rope
– Russian Lunges


– Jump Rope
– Wall sits both legs and one leg wall sits
– Weighted calf raises ( got to do explosive movement ) such as jumping on one leg front, back and sides.


–  Non stop jump, 30 sec or a min
–  Box jumps
– stretch the gluts, hams, calfs and quads.

Keep in mind this is a just a basic layout of a decent routine to improve vertical. This does not mean you have to follow it, what you should do is incorporate some of these exercises into your own workout and tweak the sets/reps and time to fit your strength ability. Enjoy!

Increase Vertical Leap Workout

February 15, 2012

There are many workouts and exercises available but do they work is the question. When your working out are you targeting the right muscles to help you gain that extra 10 inches of height? Do my workouts contain explosive exercises with weights? Do I stretch before and after the workout? Most of all do I have a good warm up in place ? Those are just a few questions you should be asking yourself in order to gain the most out of your workout. If the proper exercises are conducted you should be able to increase your vertical in no time.

The second step is to set up achievable goals and measure your progress. The reason for this is you need motivation to keep you going and also to see if your vertical got better. If you have no goals then you have nothing to train for, its as simple as that.

Okay now that we got that out of the way I’l share a few exercises that you should incorporate into the warm up.

High knees
kick butts
jumping squats
walking lunges
ankle rolls
Jump rope

I personally like to do a circuit type warm up. This means you move down the list and do each exercise until you have completed all of them. At the end of the circuit you can take a min or 2 break and then redo it. I find this the best as it gets my heart rate up and blood pumping. Now whats good about the circuit is that instead of concentrating on doing sets and reps you do each exercise for 30 sec so its time based. Remember not to overdue the warm up or else you’ll feel fatigue and tired for the main workout session. Finally don’t forget to stretch before and after the warm up or even during it while your taking a break between circuits.

Shoes That Make You Jump Higher !

February 15, 2012

In order to increase explosiveness, speed, and agility you need the proper footwear. First off lets look at why shoes make a big difference in performance. Unlike all the other footwear basketball shoes require a special carbon shank that stiffens the sole of the shoe. This carbon shank will help you drive the force into the ground and adds extra support to your foot.

Although the difference in your vertical leap may not be noticeable just by using the right shoes. However, once you increase your vertical jump the shoes will make a difference in take offs and landings. Therefore its important to have the right footwear or at least a good pair of shoes with stiff soles.