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7 Reasons You Fail To Increase Jump Height

February 24, 2012

1) Improper Training

You train hard but you still dont see any significant results. This is due to improper training and your most likely targeting the wrong muscles. This is ineffective and will lead to slow progression.

Make sure you know what exercises work what muscles. Do the right exercises and you’ll improve fast.

2) Giving up too early

After a few weeks your results are minimal. This brings you down and you decide to stop training for a week or two. Word of advice, don’t get discouraged. Hard training will lead to great results. If you quit early your never going to achieve anything, so stick with it.

Times can get tough, just stay strong even if you dont see any results right away. Keep in mind it takes months and years to achieve a full level of fitness.

3) Lack of motivation

When you started working out you gave 100% of effort into the workouts. At the end of your program the results you got weren’t what you expected. Now you doubt yourself and cant find a reason to continue exercising.

If you ever feel unmotivated watch a youtube video of a person that inspires you. Find videos, pictures, or maybe a good song that keeps you motivated to train.

When I started out Bruce lee was my biggest motivation. Now, the guys at bar barians forum keep me going as I hope one day I can reach the level of fitness they have. If your ever depressed take a break and find something that motivates you. Dont bring it down on yourself it takes time to progress.

4) No goals

The goals you set were too general or too high to accomplish in the given amount of time. Even worse you have not set any goals and have no motivation to push forward.

Bad goals = I want to get big, I want to be flexible, ect. Those are long term goals and are very broad. Try setting specific goals, for instance, do 50 push ups at once by the end of the month. Better yet make daily goals such as do 2 more reps for each exercise or hold my L-sit for 15 seconds longer than usual. Those little goals will help you achieve your long term goal. Not only that but they will help you stay focused and motivated.

5) Hit a plateau

The work outs you do no longer help you improve the goals you set for yourself. This means its time to increase the intensity of  your routine to get over that plateau.

The best thing I can recommend is increase your intensity every 2 weeks or every month. Another good idea is to change up the exercises to confuse your muscles. This way the muscles dont get accustomed to the workout.

6) Injuries

Lack of stretching or over training can put you out for a good time.

Workout often but listen to your body. Give 100% effort in all your workouts but make sure to alternate upper body and lower body. Most importantly make time for rest days, over training is the dumbest way to get injured.

My own story, I was maxing out one time at the gym and I cut my warm up short. I walked over to the bench and started loading up weights. I got ready to bench press, did about 1-2 reps and I felt some pain in my shoulder. Now every time I lift heavy I feel the pain in my shoulder and its been like this for about a year now. Trust me guys it sucks getting injured as some injuries are permanent. Be careful dudes !

7) Dont train enough 

Have the perfect plan or workout ? Yet your still not getting the results you wanted. This happens when you dont train enough or the muscles get use to the same workouts. Of course if your training twice a week vs 3 or 4 times a week its going to take longer to get stronger.

Like I mentioned before change up the workout routine regularly to keep your muscles guessing. Once you progress you either have to increase the time of the workout, intensity, or frequency to keep improving.

Now that you know the 7 reasons why people fail to increase jump height you are one step closer to being on the second level of fitness.  Actually scratch that, these are the 7 reason why most people fail to progress in any training not just to increase jump height.

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