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How To Improve My Jump With Killer Core Strength

February 23, 2012

If your asking yourself how to improve my jump you definitively want to read this post! What many people do is mainly train the legs with explosive and static movements.  This is perfect in order to make your legs stronger and improve fast twitch muscles which explode you into the air.

However, the body works as a whole and together with leg power, core strength, speed and proper form you can improve your height results in days. The basic principal is that the core connects the upper body with the lower body. If the core is strong its going to help with movement speed and agility.

Legs- Needed to explode into the air.
Core – Helps to control and stabilize the body, also helps to gain vertical as its part of the movement.
Arms – Pull you the extra few inches while jumping.

As showed above jumping includes all body parts at once in order to perform a smooth motion. Thus each body part should be trained just as hard, so dont cut your core workouts short.

Killer core exercises for jumping higher 

One of my favorite routines is called a pyramid set ( 10,9,8).  This core workout contains 3 exercises put together back to back with no rest, sorta like a circuit.

Unfortunately, gymnastic rings are needed but there are different variations of the workout if you dont have them. I’l list both of the workouts plus some extra routines to help you improve the core muscles.

Ring Rollout
Ring Push ups
Hanging Leg Raises

If you dont know what each exercise is, google or youtube it. It would take to long to explain each exercise so just watch a video on it. Actually I’ll be nice and put links to them.

Ring rollouts –
Ring push ups –
Hanging Leg raises –

There ya go!

Okay so now its time to start the workout. You will be doing each exercise right after another with no breaks in between until you complete all 3 exercises. Once you finish all 3 then take a break for a min or 2 and repeat it in the form of 10,10,10 – 9,9,9, – 8,8,8 and so on until you reach 1. That is when your done with the workout routine, but if your a beast try going back up to 10 🙂


Ring roll outs 10
Ring push ups 10
Hanging leg raises 10

Break 1-2 min

Ring rollouts 9
Ring push ups 9
Hanging leg raises 9

Variation #2

Instead of ring rollouts you can substitute it with the ab wheel as it works similar. However it still requires equipment so I recommend getting the Rings.

Ring push ups obviously can be substituted by regular push ups or even plank holds, if you dont know whats a plank hold youtube it.

Hanging leg raises can be modified to regular leg raises.

Simple enough guys just get creative and modify each exercise to your ability. Of course some equipment is necessary to get the most out of these workouts, but you can always switch them out for something else.

Extra tips 

Its always a good idea to practice static holds such as planks, L-sits, front lever, back lever, planche and many more in order to develop the core to its full potential.

Once you progress make sure to add some weight in the routines to keep working that core.

Dont over train ! Just because its abs does not mean you should do it every day. 3 times a week is sufficient enough.

Abdominal muscles have different parts, make sure to work the obliques as well.

Lastly, dont forget to include the lower back, its just as important as all the other muscles. Lower back is a part of the core so incorporate some exercises to target it.

There you have the core exercises for jumping higher, make sure to stretch and if your not sure how to take a look at

PS: I guarantee the killer core workout will keep you sore for at least 2-3 days. Stay strong!

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