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Should I Exercise Everyday ?

February 20, 2012

Working out is a good habit to get into, but to much of it can hurt the body. Our body is designed to handle work load but it has to have time to regenerate and repair the muscles. When exercising tiny rips occur in our muscle tissues which later get repaired by resting so the body can recover from the damage.

Many people dont understand that muscle is not build while working out but while the body is recovering, thus too much exercising will delay this process.

However, there are two types of workouts. Going to the gym and hitting it hard or daily exercise that is recommended to everyone. Hitting it hard at the gym is to be done only 3 times a week in order to get good amount of rest days so the muscles can recover. On the other hand daily exercising means to be active everyday. This means walking, cleaning the house, basketball and any other form of staying active through out the day.

The reason for being active everyday is it helps to maintain you’r body shape and weight. Going to the gym means to gain mass, build muscle, increase cardiovascular system, endurance and change the body shape and weight. This type of work out puts alot of strain on the muscles compared to daily exercising, because of this you have to listen to your body and be careful not to over train.

The basic guideline to follow is:

Daily exercise – at least 30 min

Working out – 1 hour +

Most importantly listen to your body! If your tired and had a intense workout yesterday feel free to rest. Dont be the guy that over trained and got injured, stay safe. After all it is better to rest than get injured and miss out on working out for a few weeks.

Therefore it is suggested to exercise everday in moderation and only train hard 3 to 4 days a week. If your interested in learning what to eat to gain mass and muscle check out

Good luck and stay strong!

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