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Foods For Gaining Muscle

February 20, 2012

If you wanted to gain mass and muscle at a fast rate you know its harder than it looks. Gaining muscle for women is even harder because of the fat ratio compared to men. Many people ask themselves how 2 gain muscle ? Of course the first answer is to workout hard core. Although thats correct, you wont gain mass or muscle with out eating proper food. The next question that comes up is what to eat to gain mass ? Keep on reading to find out !

First of if gaining muscle is the main goal it is necessary to concentrate on eating healthy and eating the right amount of food. What to eat to gain mass is a frequently asked question and everybody has there own opinion on what foods to consume.

Everyone knows that in order to build muscle protein is needed. However, many people dont know what to eat to gain mass nor proteins.This is why I am here, and I will share the secret that will help build mass and muscle.

What to eat to gain mass ?

Cottage Cheese
Protein Shakes
Peanut Butter

The above list is a great source of protein that in the end will help build mass and muscle. It is also recommended to cut down on cardio as it burns both fat and protein thus delaying the growth of muscles. Next is to eat every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolism running so you dont get fat. It is also a good idea to incorporate vegtables in your meals.

Now that we know what to eat to gain mass our second step is how 2 gain muscle. Gaining muscle does not happen overnight but working out correctly can speed up the results.

How 2 gain muscle ?

Dont work out for longer than 1 hour

Keep your reps under 12

Increase intensity of workout

Rest & recover

Those are just the basic guidlines to follow in order to progress and build muscle. It is also important to perform exercisesthat will benefit the muscle building routine. For instance dead lift, squats, pull ups, bench press, hang clean, and military press are one of the best exercises out there. It would be foolish not to incorporate these exercises into the workout.

Since there is alot more to gaining muscle I highly suggest to learn the ins and outs of proper training and dieting.

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