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When Should I take Protein Shakes ?

February 16, 2012

A lot of people frown upon protein shakes but that’s because they are uneducated or just stick with what they think and not whats been proven or tested. If you don’t know, protein is needed because that’s what our body uses to recover. However,  protein is also easier to burn and thus our body burns it faster than fat. This can cause you to be protein deficient especially when you work out daily. A common way to prevent this is to use protein shakes. The reason we need protein shakes is because we don’t consume enough protein through out the day eating regular food. This applies greatly to athletes and people who exercise regularly.

Whens the proper time to take a protein shake or bar ?

My personal opinion is either in the morning , before a workout, or after a work out. In the morning most people don’t eat a good breakfast and lack in nutrient and proteins, hence why its a perfect time to take a shake. Now whether you want to take a protein shake before, after or before and after that’s your choice. I highly recommend either taking it before or after not both. The proper time to take it is either 30 min to an hour before a work out or 30 min after the workout. The way I like it is 30 min after my work out. Its important to take it within an hour because that’s when your body needs it the most.

In the next post we’ll talk about how to choose a protein shake ? Stay tuned !

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