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Increase Vertical Leap Workout

February 15, 2012

There are many workouts and exercises available but do they work is the question. When your working out are you targeting the right muscles to help you gain that extra 10 inches of height? Do my workouts contain explosive exercises with weights? Do I stretch before and after the workout? Most of all do I have a good warm up in place ? Those are just a few questions you should be asking yourself in order to gain the most out of your workout. If the proper exercises are conducted you should be able to increase your vertical in no time.

The second step is to set up achievable goals and measure your progress. The reason for this is you need motivation to keep you going and also to see if your vertical got better. If you have no goals then you have nothing to train for, its as simple as that.

Okay now that we got that out of the way I’l share a few exercises that you should incorporate into the warm up.

High knees
kick butts
jumping squats
walking lunges
ankle rolls
Jump rope

I personally like to do a circuit type warm up. This means you move down the list and do each exercise until you have completed all of them. At the end of the circuit you can take a min or 2 break and then redo it. I find this the best as it gets my heart rate up and blood pumping. Now whats good about the circuit is that instead of concentrating on doing sets and reps you do each exercise for 30 sec so its time based. Remember not to overdue the warm up or else you’ll feel fatigue and tired for the main workout session. Finally don’t forget to stretch before and after the warm up or even during it while your taking a break between circuits.

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