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Increase Jumping Ability Fast

February 15, 2012

If you ever wondered why you cant dunk or jump high its because of improper training or lack of training. Lack of training is obviously not exercising enough or are not putting 100% effort into the workout. Improper training is training hard but not training for what your goal is. For instance our goal is to improve our jumping ability. In order to do that you don’t want to train on static machines in the gym, instead you want to use free weights or just your body weight. This causes your whole body to work together such as the core, legs, and arms to keep you stabilized while doing the movement. In other words this is much better than isolating your muscles on the static machines. Now to actually achieve more height in our jump we want to train explosiveness. That means that every exercise you do is done fast in order to train our fast twitch muscles. Fast twitch muscles are responsible for explosive movements such as jumping. The more you explode the higher you’ll go.

Here is a pretty good routine that I put together for you guys.


– Jumping squats with or with out weights
– Jump Rope
– Russian Lunges


– Jump Rope
– Wall sits both legs and one leg wall sits
– Weighted calf raises ( got to do explosive movement ) such as jumping on one leg front, back and sides.


–  Non stop jump, 30 sec or a min
–  Box jumps
– stretch the gluts, hams, calfs and quads.

Keep in mind this is a just a basic layout of a decent routine to improve vertical. This does not mean you have to follow it, what you should do is incorporate some of these exercises into your own workout and tweak the sets/reps and time to fit your strength ability. Enjoy!

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