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Simple Nutrition Guide To Lose Weight

February 28, 2012

Today we are going to concentrate on a weight loss program called Fat loss 4 Idiots. The name is not there to offend you but to show you how simple it can be to lose weight. The main difference between this program and any other program is that its nutrition based. This means that you dont have to change your whole lifestyle and start making time to work out. The fat loss 4 idiots focuses on a eating plan diet, so you can still lose weight with out working out.


  • Simple steps that are easy to follow
  • Teaches you about calorie shifting diet
  • Flexible plan, allows you to eat from a variety of food groups
  • Follows a 14 day cycle strategy, eat for 11 days healthy and then the next 3 days you eat what you like ūüôā
  • Most importantly no physical¬†requirements, no jogging, no¬†lifting¬†weights. Thats a big pro if your a busy person that does not have the time to exercise.
  • If your a¬†vegetarian this program works
  • 60 day money back¬†guaranteed

Whats Included

  • 45 page diet handbook ( can be accessed online or downloaded to your computer)
  • Unlimited access to online meal generator
  • Option to upgrade and¬†receive¬†a 28 page “beyond calorie” guide

The best thing about this program is the meal generator. It allows you to chose your favorite foods from a list of 46 different ones. Once you chosen the foods you like, the program then generates a plan for you based on the foods you selected. The generator follows a 4 meal a day method. In order to ensure your following the plan, its as easy as printing the list of meals and checking them off as you go. The diet will consist of proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and carbohydrates.


  • The diet can get boring
  • After the program you need to start¬†educating yourself about work out routines
  • I paid more for it than what it costs now

Lastly, I myself heard terrific reviews about the fat loss 4 idiots program; hence why Im sharing this information with you today. I hope you guys will take the time to check it out and if its not your type of thing then okay. Just remember to take advantage of it while the price is low and after all they have a 60 day money back policy, so dont miss out !

Continue to Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Good luck everyone !!


7 Reasons You Fail To Increase Jump Height

February 24, 2012

1) Improper Training

You train hard but you still dont see any significant results. This is due to improper training and your most likely targeting the wrong muscles. This is ineffective and will lead to slow progression.

Make sure you know what exercises work what muscles. Do the right exercises and you’ll improve fast.

2) Giving up too early

After a few weeks your results are minimal. This brings you down and you decide to stop training for a week or two. Word of advice, don’t get discouraged. Hard training will lead to great results. If you quit early your never going to achieve anything, so stick with it.

Times can get tough, just stay strong even if you dont see any results right away. Keep in mind it takes months and years to achieve a full level of fitness.

3) Lack of motivation

When you started working out you gave 100% of effort into the workouts. At the end of your program the results you got¬†weren’t what you expected. Now you doubt yourself and cant find a reason to continue exercising.

If you ever feel unmotivated watch a youtube video of a person that inspires you. Find videos, pictures, or maybe a good song that keeps you motivated to train.

When I started out Bruce lee was my biggest motivation. Now, the guys at bar barians forum keep me going as I hope one day I can reach the level of fitness they have. If your ever depressed take a break and find something that motivates you. Dont bring it down on yourself it takes time to progress.

4) No goals

The goals you set were too general or too high to accomplish in the given amount of time. Even worse you have not set any goals and have no motivation to push forward.

Bad goals = I want to get big, I want to be flexible, ect. Those are long term goals and are very broad. Try setting specific goals, for instance, do 50 push ups at once by the end of the month. Better yet make daily goals such as do 2 more reps for each exercise or hold my L-sit for 15 seconds longer than usual. Those little goals will help you achieve your long term goal. Not only that but they will help you stay focused and motivated.

5) Hit a plateau

The work outs you do no longer help you improve the goals you set for yourself. This means its time to increase the intensity of  your routine to get over that plateau.

The best thing I can recommend is increase your intensity every 2 weeks or every month. Another good idea is to change up the exercises to confuse your muscles. This way the muscles dont get accustomed to the workout.

6) Injuries

Lack of stretching or over training can put you out for a good time.

Workout often but listen to your body. Give 100% effort in all your workouts but make sure to alternate upper body and lower body. Most importantly make time for rest days, over training is the dumbest way to get injured.

My own story, I was maxing out one time at the gym and I cut my warm up short. I walked over to the bench and started loading up weights. I got ready to bench press, did about 1-2 reps and I felt some pain in my shoulder. Now every time I lift heavy I feel the pain in my shoulder and its been like this for about a year now. Trust me guys it sucks getting injured as some injuries are permanent. Be careful dudes !

7) Dont train enough 

Have the perfect plan or workout ? Yet your still not getting the results you wanted. This happens when you dont train enough or the muscles get use to the same workouts. Of course if your training twice a week vs 3 or 4 times a week its going to take longer to get stronger.

Like I mentioned before change up the workout routine regularly to keep your muscles guessing. Once you progress you either have to increase the time of the workout, intensity, or frequency to keep improving.

Now that you know the 7 reasons why people fail to increase jump height you are one step closer to being on the second level of fitness.  Actually scratch that, these are the 7 reason why most people fail to progress in any training not just to increase jump height.

Feel free to check out my other article:

How To Improve My Jump With Killer Core Strength

February 23, 2012

If your asking yourself how to improve my jump you definitively want to read this post! What many people do is mainly train the legs with explosive and static movements.  This is perfect in order to make your legs stronger and improve fast twitch muscles which explode you into the air.

However, the body works as a whole and together with leg power, core strength, speed and proper form you can improve your height results in days. The basic principal is that the core connects the upper body with the lower body. If the core is strong its going to help with movement speed and agility.

Legs- Needed to explode into the air.
Core –¬†Helps to control and stabilize the body, also helps to gain vertical as its part of the movement.
Arms –¬†Pull you the extra few inches while jumping.

As showed above jumping includes all body parts at once in order to perform a smooth motion. Thus each body part should be trained just as hard, so dont cut your core workouts short.

Killer core exercises for jumping higher 

One of my favorite routines is called a pyramid set ( 10,9,8).  This core workout contains 3 exercises put together back to back with no rest, sorta like a circuit.

Unfortunately, gymnastic rings are needed but there are different variations of the workout if you dont have them. I’l list both of the workouts plus some extra routines to help you improve the core muscles.

Ring Rollout
Ring Push ups
Hanging Leg Raises

If you dont know what each exercise is, google or youtube it. It would take to long to explain each exercise so just watch a video on it. Actually I’ll be nice and put links to them.

Ring rollouts –¬†
Ring push ups –¬†
Hanging Leg raises –¬†

There ya go!

Okay so now its time to start the workout. You will be doing each exercise right after another with no breaks in between until you complete all 3 exercises. Once you finish all 3 then take a break for a min or 2 and repeat it in the form of 10,10,10 – 9,9,9, – 8,8,8 and so on until you reach 1. That is when your done with the workout routine, but if your a beast try going back up to 10 ūüôā


Ring roll outs 10
Ring push ups 10
Hanging leg raises 10

Break 1-2 min

Ring rollouts 9
Ring push ups 9
Hanging leg raises 9

Variation #2

Instead of ring rollouts you can substitute it with the ab wheel as it works similar. However it still requires equipment so I recommend getting the Rings.

Ring push ups obviously can be substituted by regular push ups or even plank holds, if you dont know whats a plank hold youtube it.

Hanging leg raises can be modified to regular leg raises.

Simple enough guys just get creative and modify each exercise to your ability. Of course some equipment is necessary to get the most out of these workouts, but you can always switch them out for something else.

Extra tips 

Its always a good idea to practice static holds such as planks, L-sits, front lever, back lever, planche and many more in order to develop the core to its full potential.

Once you progress make sure to add some weight in the routines to keep working that core.

Dont over train ! Just because its abs does not mean you should do it every day. 3 times a week is sufficient enough.

Abdominal muscles have different parts, make sure to work the obliques as well.

Lastly, dont forget to include the lower back, its just as important as all the other muscles. Lower back is a part of the core so incorporate some exercises to target it.

There you have the core exercises for jumping higher, make sure to stretch and if your not sure how to take a look at

PS: I guarantee the killer core workout will keep you sore for at least 2-3 days. Stay strong!

The Best Protein Powder For Building Muscle

February 22, 2012

Today we can find many different protein shakes, powders and bars all over the place. The problem is that many of us lack the knowledge to choose the best one. Luckly your in the right place and I will teach you how to choose the best protein shake thats healthy but also good for your muslces.

First of there is no best protein powder for building muscle. In order to understand and learn about protein you must first master the basics. There are 4 types of protein powders.

whey protein
soy protein
egg protein
casein protein

whey protein –¬†Fast absorbing protein to support lean muscle.

Soy protein –¬†Low fat, low cholesterol, good for vegeterians.

Egg protein –¬†High lactose free protein, good for lean physique.

Casein protein –¬†Slow digestive protein.

Again whats the best protein powder for building muscle, it would be whey protein and egg protein. The reason behind that is the goal is to build muscle and whey and egg protein are designed to do that. Now if the goal was to tone up soy protein would be the better choice. Now when do I use casein protein and is it one of the best protein powder for building muscle? Casein protein is a slow digestive protein which means it lasts longer in your body. It is ideal to take it before bed. If you work out late at nights this might be a good protein choice in order to supply the muscles with constant fuel.

Things to avoid when buying protein

It is recommended to look for protein that says whey protein isolate as one of the primary ingredients. This is necessary as some companies add in fillers that dont do jack for the body, hence why you want to avoid them.

Look at how much suger and carbs the protein shake includes. Suger is added for taste but too much of it is not good. Same with carbs too much of it and you mid section is gonna get big. Any protein that has over 15 grams of carbs is a no no.

Creatine, creatine should also raise a red flag. What it basically does is it fills your muscles up with water making them look bigger but not stronger. Some protein shakes include creatine in them and thats fine, just make sure its not alot.

Okay so thats the basics of protein, you can also look into muscle gainers if you would like to put on some pounds to get bigger. As always stay strong and keep this post in mind while choosing a protein shake. Good luck!

Should I Exercise Everyday ?

February 20, 2012

Working out is a good habit to get into, but to much of it can hurt the body. Our body is designed to handle work load but it has to have time to regenerate and repair the muscles. When exercising tiny rips occur in our muscle tissues which later get repaired by resting so the body can recover from the damage.

Many people dont understand that muscle is not build while working out but while the body is recovering, thus too much exercising will delay this process.

However, there are two types of workouts. Going to the gym and hitting it hard or daily exercise that is recommended to everyone. Hitting it hard at the gym is to be done only 3 times a week in order to get good amount of rest days so the muscles can recover. On the other hand daily exercising means to be active everyday. This means walking, cleaning the house, basketball and any other form of staying active through out the day.

The reason for being active everyday is it helps to maintain you’r body shape and weight. Going to the gym means to gain mass, build muscle, increase cardiovascular system, endurance and change the body shape and weight. This type of work out puts alot of strain on the muscles compared to daily exercising, because of this you have to listen to your body and be careful not to over train.

The basic guideline to follow is:

Daily exercise – at least 30 min

Working out – 1 hour +

Most importantly listen to your body! If your tired and had a intense workout yesterday feel free to rest. Dont be the guy that over trained and got injured, stay safe. After all it is better to rest than get injured and miss out on working out for a few weeks.

Therefore it is suggested to exercise everday in moderation and only train hard 3 to 4 days a week. If your interested in learning what to eat to gain mass and muscle check out

Good luck and stay strong!

Foods For Gaining Muscle

February 20, 2012

If you wanted to gain mass and muscle at a fast rate you know its harder than it looks. Gaining muscle for women is even harder because of the fat ratio compared to men. Many people ask themselves how 2 gain muscle ? Of course the first answer is to workout hard core. Although thats correct, you wont gain mass or muscle with out eating proper food. The next question that comes up is what to eat to gain mass ? Keep on reading to find out !

First of if gaining muscle is the main goal it is necessary to concentrate on eating healthy and eating the right amount of food. What to eat to gain mass is a frequently asked question and everybody has there own opinion on what foods to consume.

Everyone knows that in order to build muscle protein is needed. However, many people dont know what to eat to gain mass nor proteins.This is why I am here, and I will share the secret that will help build mass and muscle.

What to eat to gain mass ?

Cottage Cheese
Protein Shakes
Peanut Butter

The above list is a great source of protein that in the end will help build mass and muscle. It is also recommended to cut down on cardio as it burns both fat and protein thus delaying the growth of muscles. Next is to eat every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolism running so you dont get fat. It is also a good idea to incorporate vegtables in your meals.

Now that we know what to eat to gain mass our second step is how 2 gain muscle. Gaining muscle does not happen overnight but working out correctly can speed up the results.

How 2 gain muscle ?

Dont work out for longer than 1 hour

Keep your reps under 12

Increase intensity of workout

Rest & recover

Those are just the basic guidlines to follow in order to progress and build muscle. It is also important to perform exercisesthat will benefit the muscle building routine. For instance dead lift, squats, pull ups, bench press, hang clean, and military press are one of the best exercises out there. It would be foolish not to incorporate these exercises into the workout.

Since there is alot more to gaining muscle I highly suggest to learn the ins and outs of proper training and dieting.

The Jump Manual PDF

February 17, 2012

In our last post we talked a little about The Jump manual but this time we are gonna get in deep into details. If your really motivated to¬†achieve your goal of being able to dunk or jump higher I suggest you pick up a copy of The Jump Manual. The guys in the video did not stop after reading How to jump higher in 45 min, they pursued their goal and gave The Jump Manual a try. Basically the jump manual is one of the best e-books that explains everything in great detail of what needs to be done in order to Jump higher. Jacob the author of the e-book did an amazing job putting it together. I was a bit skeptical about it in the beginning but after I read through it I was¬†surprised at how well it was written and the videos are a bonus. I know most of you wont listen to me but if you ever do find yourself on the jump manual page it offers a 60 days risk free, meaning if you don’t like it you can return it and get a full refund. Those of you who are interested simply click on the image below and it will take you to the jump manual page.

Whats included: 

Р Work out chart

– Complete training video library

– Nutrition plan

– One on one training

– Weight room alternatives and more

That’s the most I can tell you as I just started the program not to long ago and so far its going good. I will report back when I am halfway through and let you know my opinion about it. I’m very excited and cant wait to finish and see the results as I could never dunk nor touch the rim. I’m hoping once I’m done I’l be able to dunk with one hand. As for now peace out guys and good luck with your training.